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Plugged Toilet and Sink Repair Kent and Renton, WA

If your home or business is experiencing a plugged toilet or a plugged sink you have found the best website possible. Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter is a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing contractor that specializes in clearing plugged or clogged toilets and sinks.

One Truck and One Plumber is Andy Jahn's plumbing company. Our customers avoid the pitfall of enormous charges for clearing plugged or clogged toilets and sinks.

Don't get caught in the expensive trap of clearing your toilet or sink by calling a large plumbing company that has a high sales quota their plumbers must hit.

Call a local plumber that offers an affordable solution to clearing your plugged or clogged toilets or sinks with expert plumbing repair remedies.

There's nothing more annoying than plugged toilets and sinks. Your toilet water can become contaminated if the plug isn't cleared. And plugged sinks bring cooking and preparing food to a halt.

We can quickly repair your plugged toilets and sinks.

Plugged Toilet Repairs

Too much toilet paper, toys and poor pipe diameter can plug your toilets.

We'll free your toilets from these annoying plugs.

  • Remove debris from toilet drains and pipes
  • Remove grease, hair and other debris from sink drains
  • Fast and reliable service
  • Replace faulty pipes, tanks and drain kits

Plugged Sink Repairs

Your Emergency Plumbing Expert will remove the 3 causes of a plugged drain.

  • Food such as cereal and bread • Grease that solidifies after cooling
  • Foreign objects like toys

Contact your Emergency Plumbing Expert

Emergency Plumbing Hotline: (877) 747-1925