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Have you ever had a leaking bathroom faucet, kitchen faucet, or a shower faucet that always drips?Have you ever wondered, "How much water am I actually wasting?"While water drips vary in size, it is estimated that one drip per second adds up to almost 6 gallons of water a day (2082 gallons a yr.)*At Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter we help residential and commercial customers repair and prevent costly water leaks.

Most residents pay for water and sewer.Some sewer districts bill sewer charges based on water usage.If you are in one of these districts, not only are you paying for water that you are not using but you are paying for the treatment as well.It is important to contact a good local company that can help you repair or prevent any water leaks on your property.Most water leaks from faucets can be repaired.Some older faucets (older than 50 years) can be difficult to locate repair parts.

Some faucets may not be repairable because they are worn out or have been damaged from use.Most faucets that can be repaired can be repaired in under an hour if the repair parts are on hand (longer if parts need to be located and acquired).Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to repair a faucet.In such cases I would suggest replacing the faucet.A few reasons to replace a leaking faucet are;1)You just don't like the existing faucet and want a new style.2)The repair parts are not available.3)The repair parts are special order and are too expensive or will take "too long" to arrive (I have been told 5-6 weeks for some special order repair parts for a 25 year oldfaucet).4)My personal suggestion, if the repair cost (parts labor) is more than half the cost of replacing the faucet (parts labor).Water leaks, that are not from a faucet, are also frustrating and can be just as frustrating to locate, especially if they are behind a wall.Whether you like it or not, most people don't have x-ray vision.This includes your plumber.We specialize in finding this sort of water leak.

Most times we cannot tell you what is leaking or where the leak is originating without seeing it.An experienced plumber may be able to give you a few suggestions without seeing the actual cause.If you notice you have a leak of any kind, you can do yourself a favor and open the wall or ceiling to expose the pipes yourself (and preferably the source of the leak).This will allow your plumber to quickly and accurately give you a price for the repair. If your plumber charges by the hour, it will save you the time it will take for him to prep the area for clean up, cut a neat hole, then clean up after the hole is made so the dust isn't tracked around.Any way you look at it, you will save time money opening your own ceilings and walls.

ALWAYS BE CAREFUL when opening walls, ceilings, and/or floors.It is possible to damage several of your homes systems.Some of these systems are plumbing, electrical, heating, or even structural framing.Professionals are trained to be observant and careful when opening walls, ceilings, and floors.Reputable plumbing contractors must be Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.If there is an accident, and accidents can happen, you are covered by your contractors insurance.


Allowing some types of water leaks to go unfixed can cause damage to floors, walls, and/or ceilings.Not all leaks will cause water damage, but if left alone your chances of water damage increase.Water that sits on or against wood for a long can cause dry rot to begin, flooring to peel, or allow mold to grow. If you have a major leak from a burst water pipe, a water heater leaking all over, a flood, or a major sewer back up that floods into your home, contact your plumber to correct the issue and then you really should contact a water damage restoration company to properly clean up, dry out, and test for moisture content in your home.For further inquiry, you should consult your water damage restoration expert.* Water damage info gathered from http://ga.water.usgs.gov/edu/sc4.html

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