Faucet Repair Bellevue


Kitchen and bathroom faucets are the most used faucets in the home and that is the main reason why they require frequent repairs. Choose our experienced plumbers for any type of shower or outdoor faucet repair services as they are well versed with all types of faucets.

Place your trust in Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter for efficient outdoor and shower faucet repair services in Bellevue, WA. Serving as experienced plumbers we can repair all types of faucets including the following:

  • Compression faucets
  • Disc faucets
  • Ball faucets
  • Cartridge faucets

We continuously upgrade our knowledge regarding the introduction of new makes and models of faucets. This helps us offer our outdoor faucet repair and shower faucet repair services more easily. If the repair of the faucets is not feasible due to unavailability of parts or high costs of repairs, we would recommend faucet replacement.

Outdoor Faucet Repair Bellevue


Having an outdoor faucet is very convenient as you can easily wash your car, water the lawn, and clean the driveway. However, if the outdoor faucet develops a problem, you will not be able to complete any of these activities.

Rely on us for outdoor faucet repair services in Bellevue. We are experts at outdoor faucet repair services and can repair all the following types of outdoor faucets:

  • Spigot
  • Yard hydrants
  • Outdoor shower or BBQ faucets
  • Pool fill valve

We use the best quality parts and tools that ensure the proper and thorough repair of the faucets. We do not delay outdoor faucet repair services as we understand that a delay can result in water wastage. Sometimes, installing a new outdoor faucet is more feasible than repairing the old one and we suggest so after evaluating the condition of the faucets.

Shower Faucet Repair Bellevue


Shower faucet repair services become essential if you have a leaky faucet or a faucet that is not working properly. Get the help of our experienced plumbers for the shower faucet repair services in Bellevue and you will not have any more troubles.

Count on us for shower faucet repair services in Bellevue. We can repair shower faucets that might have the following problems:

  • Inner seals are worn
  • Parts corroded with hard water deposits
  • Metal parts wear out with use and time

Choose us for shower faucet repair services and you can expect hassle free services at competitive pricing. Call Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter at (206) 452-3100 for any shower or outdoor faucet repair services in Bellevue.