Toilet Repair Issaquah


There is nothing more messy and frustrating than a clogged toilet. You must immediately get the clog removed by the experts. Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter is a reputed company offering high quality toilet repair services for Issaquah, WA residents.

As an established and experienced company, we offer a number of services with respect to toilet repair. These include:

  • Repairing toilet flush valve
  • Removing debris
  • Cleaning grease
  • Fixing toilet flapper

You can trust us for thorough and efficient toilet repair services in Issaquah. We know how to fix a toilet that keeps running because that is a common problem faced by many homeowners. We use the best toilet repair kit to ensure durability of the parts replaced or repaired. To repair any toilet repair parts, you can call us for any type of problem associated with the toilet in your home or office.

Clogged Toilet Issaquah


The problem of a clogged toilet usually arises when there is irregular cleaning of the drains and sewer lines. In addition, homes with small kids also face this problem as the kids throw small items in the toilet. If you have tried to clear the clogged toilet by yourself but have failed, you can call in the experts.

We have been offering services for clearing clogged toilets for Issaquah residents for a long time now. We not only know how to fix a clogged toilet without a plunger but we also know how to unclog a toilet fast. You can rely on our toilet repair and clogged toilet services, as we use the best:

  • Materials
  • Techniques
  • Equipment

If you want to know the cost of our services to clear the clogged toilet, you can get in touch with our experts.

Issaquah Toilet Installation


There might be several companies offering new toilet installation in your vicinity. However, to ensure that you are getting the best services and most competitive pricing, you can choose us for toilet installation in Issaquah.

We are the perfect company for this purpose, as we are:

  • Experienced
  • Reputed
  • Reliable

You can compare our toilet installation cost with others to ensure that you are getting the best deal. DIY toilet installation is also not advised, as improper connections can cause a total mess.

You can call Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter at (253) 777-1980 for any toilet installation or toilet repair services in Issaquah.