Common Symptoms of Frozen Pipes in Redmond


If your pipes are exposed, you may notice frost building up on them. This indicates that your pipes have become frozen. Bulging plumbing pipes are another sign that they have frozen.

There are some other signs that you be having problems with your pipes. Some of them include:

  • Strange sounds when you flush the toilet or use the sink
  • Foul sewage odors in sinks, drains, and toilets
  • You turn on the water but nothing comes out

If you think that your plumbing pipes are frozen, call a plumber immediately to reduce the possibility of any damage. Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter specializes in thawing frozen pipes in Redmond, WA homes. We have been thawing frozen pipes for years and know how to get the job done correctly.

Redmond Frozen Water, Septic, Sewer Pipes - What To Do?


Winters can cause a wide range of problems for homeowners. Frozen water, septic, sewer pipes are a common problem impacting homeowners. Thawing frozen water, septic, sewer pipes correctly can help Redmond homeowners prevent costly damage.

Water, septic, and sewer pipes are often out of sight. If you cannot locate or access the blockage, you need to call professional plumbers. If your water, septic, sewer pipes have frozen in your Redmond home and you want them repaired, let us help.

By thawing frozen water, septic, sewer pipes, we can not only fix the present problem but can also prevent problems from occurring in the future. Below are the benefits of choosing us for repairing frozen water, septic, sewer pipes:

  • Experienced diagnosing and repairing plumbing
  • Fair and honest estimates
  • Senior and military personnel discounts

Thawing Frozen Pipes Underground or Burst - Prevention


Pipes that are exposed to cold weather tend to freeze. Your plumbing pipes are especially at risk of freezing if they are situated in unheated interiors, such as:

  • Attics
  • Basements and crawl spaces
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Garages

Thawing frozen pipes in your Redmond home is one of the best ways to prevent your pipes from bursting. We are a licensed, insured and bonded plumbing contractor helping homeowners thaw frozen water, septic, sewer pipes in Redmond and its surrounding areas. We utilize professional-grade tools and techniques for thawing frozen pipes underground and in walls.

If you need to schedule an appointment with one of our technicians for thawing frozen pipes in your Redmond home, then please call Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter at (253) 777-1980.