Sumner Garbage Disposals


The use of garbage disposals offers convenience when cleaning up after meals and helps reduce the amount of organic waste going into the trash bin. People have become so dependent on this appliance that when it breaks down it can make working in the kitchen quite inconvenient.

At Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter, we offer our expertise for fixing problems arising with garbage disposals in Sumner, WA homes. There are several reasons why garbage disposals can develop issues like leaking, clogging, failing to grind properly or not working at all.

Some reasons for a garbage disposal not working include:

  • Grease buildup within it
  • Putting in hard or large food items
  • Over-stuffing the appliance
  • Electrical problems

We offer comprehensive garbage disposal repair services and can get garbage disposals in Sumner homes up and running quickly.

Sumner Garbage Disposal Installation


Proper garbage disposal installation after choosing a right-sized appliance is essential for homeowners to make the most of their investment. Garbage disposal installation is not a DIY job. You must have wiring knowledge to install the garbage disposal correctly. Most homeowners have no idea how to wire a garbage disposal.

Call us when you decide to get a new garbage disposal for your home. We take care of your garbage disposal installation job in Sumner from start to finish. We:

  • Provide correct product information about available brands
  • Help you pick a disposal that suits your needs and budget
  • Install the appliance in your kitchen
  • Give helpful tips for upkeep of your garbage disposal

Our company is an expert at garbage disposal installation in new construction as well as for replacing broken garbage disposals in existing homes.

Sumner Garbage Disposal Repair


Timely garbage disposal repair can protect the appliance from serious damage. Even the slightest malfunction of garbage disposals should not be taken lightly and be addressed by professionals.

We offer 24/7 emergency service for garbage disposal repair in Sumner. Give us a call as soon as you find that your system is not working the way it should. We respond promptly to your request for garbage disposal repair services.

Choosing us also assures you of:

  • Effective and lasting repair solutions
  • 1-year warranty on repair (labor and parts)
  • Affordable garbage disposal repair cost

Hire Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter for garbage disposal installation and repair in Sumner. Call (253) 777-1980