Toilet Repair Redmond


Among the places in your home, the toilet is the one place that is used the most. You may feel uncomfortable when you find your toilet leaking, the handle of the tank not working, or a smell due to the toilet clogging.

These problems call for prompt toilet repair to rectify the broken parts of the toilet. The leaking and constant running sounds of the toilet may be due to the following malfunctions:

  • Flapper valve
  • Flush valve
  • Float ball

The flush lever, lift arm and handle may also break, requiring toilet repair by a professional plumber. Although toilet repair kits are available in the market, it is best to hire competent plumbers for the repairs.

We at Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter are one of the leading companies in the business of toilet repairs in Redmond, WA. We undertake all assignments related to toilet repairs and offer all plumbing solutions.

Clogged Toilet Redmond


Toilets can become clogged for many reasons. It becomes necessary to remove the clog from the trap, which opens into the toilet drain. For this, it is ideal to use the services of an expert plumbing company that has the required equipment to clear the clogged toilet.

Our expertly qualified plumbers offer high quality services for clearing clogged toilets in Redmond. Call us if your toilet has been clogged due to any of the following:

  • Paper napkins
  • Toys
  • Toilet paper

We are a company focused on our customers that specializes in clearing clogged toilets. We use the latest instruments and technology for all of our services, ensuring timely completion of work without any further damage.

Redmond Toilet Installation


The capability of a plumbing company can be judged by the way it goes about the process of toilet installation. We specialize in toilet installation and have skilled technicians trained for this purpose. We take every precaution while installing the toilet seat, water tank and flushing system.

We offer our quality services for toilet installation to the residents of Redmond through:

  • Our professional technical staff
  • Skill and precision
  • The latest technology

By utilizing this technology and offering our services at the most competitive rates, we have earned the reputation of being a trustworthy company for toilet installation in Redmond.

If you are in need of toilet repair, clearing of a clogged toilet or toilet installation in Redmond, call Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter at (253) 777-1980.