Common Symptoms of Frozen Pipes


Frozen water pipes can cause catastrophic damage to a property. Just one burst pipe has the potential to cause tens of thousands of dollars damage. At Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter, we want to educate people as much as we can by helping them recognize the common symptoms of frozen pipes in their Bellevue, WA property.

You will know your water pipes are frozen if you:

  • Open the faucet and water does not come out
  • Notice frost on the outside of the pipe.
  • Have flooding in an area of your home (due to a burst pipe)

The best advice we can give you in a frozen water pipe situation is to contact our professional plumbers immediately. We have 24/7 emergency services for just that reason! Waiting until “business hours” will only make the problem worse.

Frozen Water, Septic, Sewer Pipes - What To Do?


Are you experiencing frozen water, septic, or sewer pipe problems in Bellevue? Unfortunately, frozen water, septic, and sewer pipes in Bellevue can pop up at the most inconvenient times. When you have frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes in your Bellevue home or business, it becomes important to attend the problem right away.

Our specialized plumbing and heating equipment will have your frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes in Bellevue free and clear in no time. When you hire us to thaw frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes in Bellevue, you get:

  • Professional technicians
  • Convenient appointment times
  • 24/7 emergency services

Thawing Frozen Pipes Underground or Burst - Prevention


Frozen water pipes are one of the worst plumbing problems during colder months. The good news is that we can help you go through the winter without the hassles associated with frozen water pipes in Bellevue. Get in touch with our plumber who has the experience and expertise in thawing frozen pipes in Bellevue.

We have the skills and equipment for thawing frozen pipes in walsl as well as underground. Our Bellevue plumbers will thoroughly assess your property, and then come up with expert solutions. By thawing frozen pipes in your Bellevue property, we can prevent a range of problems including:

  • Plumbing inconvenience
  • Water shortage
  • Burst pipes
  • Mold and mildew problems
  • Property damage

The key to preventing frozen water pipes from bursting is a quick response time. We take pride in providing prompt and reliable solutions for thawing frozen pipes in Bellevue.

Contact Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter at (253) 777-1980 to schedule our services for thawing frozen pipes in your Bellevue home or business.