Common Symptoms of Frozen Pipes in Newcastle


Winter months are a time of beauty and outdoor fun. Winter can also be very problematic especially when you experience frozen water, septic, sewer pipes. If you are facing such problems and looking for a reputable plumbing company to thaw these pipes, we can help.

We at Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter offer quality services for thawing frozen pipes for Newcastle, WA residents. Being an established and experienced company, we offer the following services related to thawing frozen pipes:

  • Pipe thawing
  • Replacement of damaged pipes
  • Insulation for pipes
  • Restoration of water flow

When you start experiencing frozen pipes symptoms such as bulging pipes or no water when a faucet is turned on, you must call us immediately. Equipped with the best quality equipment and tools, we will ensure that the frozen water, septic, sewer pipes are thawed as quickly as possible.

Newcastle Frozen Water, Septic, Sewer Pipes - What To Do?


With frozen water, septic, sewer pipes, it is very difficult to go about your daily routine. We have been offering thawing services for frozen water, septic, sewer pipes in Newcastle for a long time.

We can be called to thaw pipes that are located in:

  • Outside walls
  • Unheated basements
  • An unheated crawlspace
  • Underground

We use specific equipment and methods to thaw your pipes in your Newcastle property based on the location of the pipes. Depending upon the location of the pipes, we may use electricity, steam or an arc welder to thaw the frozen water, septic, sewer pipes.

Thawing Frozen Pipes Underground or Burst - Prevention

thawing-frozen-pipes-newcastle-wa There might be several companies offering services for thawing frozen pipes in Newcastle. You have a choice but need to make the right choice. Choosing a professional plumber who has worked in the area for a number of years is the first step.

The other qualities to look for when choosing your plumber to thaw your property’s frozen pipes in Newcastle are:

  • Reliability
  • Reputation
  • Recommendations
  • Affordability

We also offer services for thawing frozen pipes in mobile homes and commercial establishments. You can rely on us for timely services within your budget. We have a long list of satisfied customers that can offer positive reviews about our services.

If you have frozen water, septic, sewer pipes and you want the services of an experienced company that has worked with Newcastle residents for a long time, call Andy Jahn Plumbing Rooter at (253) 777-1980.