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Sewer Repair for Kent Residential and Commercial Sewers


Everyone values a neat and clean home, but if your sewer lines become damaged or clogged, your house is akin to a person who has superficial beauty with a bad personality. You can say goodbye to a smooth and easy life if your basement is flooded with raw sewers. These troubles can happen for many reasons such as the ones below.

  • Distorted pipes of sewers
  • Sewer line clogging
  • Frozen ground or displacement of soil
  • Damage of sewer line such as by corrosion

If you see your sewers start flowing to your home, then there must be something wrong with your sewer pipes, and you need a professional who can handle sewer and drain repair efficiently. Your residence in Kent can be in trouble due to clogged or leaking pipes of sewers. Only a proper sewer repair service in the Kent area can keep you free from these unwanted sewer problems.

Drain Repair and Drain Cleaning for Kent Sewers

The drainage system of residential areas like Kent often uses P-traps for drain cleaning. These traps usually release waste water to drain pipelines. As a result, drain pipes get clogged because these sludge becomes dry and sticky over time.

This can cause severe problems if it is not dealt with properly. The use of chemicals cannot solve this problem completely and implies the necessity of applying a good, dependable drain repair service that includes the following.

  • Clearing of clogs
  • Excavation of drain pipes
  • Inspection and identification of root intrusions

Depend on Us for Sewer Repair and Drain Repair in Kent


Andy Jahn Plumbing and Rooter is a licensed company that offers affordable and quality sewer repair and drain repair services to the homeowners of Kent, WA. We honor and recognize your emergency needs for sewer repair and drain repair service and offer a very competitive price to the residents of Kent.

Being a licensed contractor for sewer repair and drain repair services, Andy Jahn Plumbing and Rooter is bonded and insured. We specialize in performing sewer repair and drain repair, and we are available 24 hours a day for Kent residents. Our sewer repair and drain repair services include the following.

  • Clearing and unclogging of drains and sewers
  • Installation and replacement of pipes
  • Using hydro-jetting
  • Involvement of camera inspections
  • Locating and replacing leaking sewers

When you call us for emergency sewer repair and drain repair service, we provide you one plumber and one truck. We have all the modern and sophisticated tools and equipments to deal with your sewers and drain lines, but we are local and thus, more affordable than any company.

Kent residents choose us because we are experts in solving issues of plugged sewers and drains. We grant you quality sewer repair and drain repair services that you can expect from a plumbing company. We know when your home requires tune-up, sewer repair and drain repair, and we are always ready to come out, inspect and fix your issues.