Common Symptoms of Frozen Pipes in Maple Valley


Winter can often result in plumbing problems, including frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes in Maple Valley, WA. If left neglected, they can become of the most expensive plumbing disasters.

The signs and symptoms that indicate the need to call professionals for thawing frozen pipes in your home or business property include:

  • Whistling, bubbling, or clanking sounds from the plumbing system
  • Drains, sinks, toilets, or other areas have a strong sewage odor
  • Nothing comes out when you turn on the water
  • Water that smells funny or is discolored

If you experience frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes, contact the experts at Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter, who use professional equipment for thawing frozen pipes. Our emergency plumbing team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for thawing frozen pipes in homes and commercial properties in Maple Valley.

Maple Valley Frozen Water, Septic, Sewer Pipes - What To Do?


When extreme cold sets in, the risk of frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes increases in Maple Valley. When the water in your pipes tends to freeze, it can block the pipe, causing excessive pressure throughout the plumbing system.

This pressure can lead to cracks in the pipes, which can waste hundreds of gallons of water. Frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes can be more than a temporary inconvenience.

If neglected, they can:

  • Cause significant property damage
  • Lead to expensive plumbing repairs
  • Disrupt your everyday life

Count on our professional plumbers to fix your frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes in Maple Valley. Our specialized equipment and methods will clear your pipes in a jiffy. And we have professional solutions for your home to help prevent pipes from re-freezing.

Thawing Frozen Pipes Underground or Burst - Prevention


Everyone knows that winter months can bring unpleasant surprises. If your plumbing pipes freeze, get them thawed quickly to prevent damage to an otherwise efficient plumbing system.

The longer your pipe remains frozen, the more likely it is to suffer costly damage, so call our professionals promptly for thawing frozen pipes in Maple Valley. We have years of experience and expertise thawing frozen pipes in walls and underground.

More reasons to choose us for thawing frozen pipes in Maple Valley include our:

  • Professional technicians
  • Convenient appointment time
  • Licensed, bonded, and insured
  • 24-Hour emergency service
  • Clean and tidy job site
  • Complete client satisfaction

If you are experiencing frozen water, septic, or sewer pipes in Maple Valley, call Andy Jahn Plumbing & Rooter for professional pipe thawing services. Dial (206) 452-3100.